Having a discussion with us before you submit your application can:

  • identify improvements your scheme needs before you submit it to us
  • deter applications with little or no prospect of success
  • save you time and money

While the outcome of a planning application cannot be guaranteed, you're more likely to succeed if you prepare and support your application with the relevant development plan, policies and proposals and if you talk to us about the emerging application in advance of submission. We will not negotiate on planning applications except in exceptional circumstances.

Make a planning enquiry

Make a planning enquiry if you:

  • are thinking about developing your property
  • have a query about planning enforcement
  • have a query about tree preservation orders

Make a planning enquiry – planning portal

Check a planning application

Check the planning register for:

  • planning applications you have already submitted
  • planning applications in your area

Check the Planning Register – Public Access Register

Services we offer

The duty planning officer service is currently not running due to coronavirus (COVID-19).

We offer the following pre-application services depending on the type of project you plan to do.

If your proposal is complex

For example, if you are doing a flat conversion, a smaller scale business or a residential development.

Use the pre-application meeting service.

Place Review Panels

In addition to a pre-application meeting, we strongly recommend large, complex and/or strategic plans undergo a Place Review Panel

The review is conducted by independent built environment experts with a range of specialisms including architecture, urban design, landscape architecture, conservation, planning, transport, infrastructure, engineering, culture and public art.

Complex householder or non-residential developments

For example: 

  • extensions and alterations to houses or small commercial buildings that do not comply with our policies
  • small scale works that are within or affect the character and appearance of conservation areas
  • clarification on issues not fully covered in our guidance

Use the correspondence service.

If your proposal is a large development

For example, large development proposals that are likely to raise a number of issues, including but not limited to the following development types:

  • provision of 50 or more dwellings
  • development of tall buildings that exceed the London Mayoral referral threshold
  • provision of over 10,000m2 of commercial space
  • change of use of over 10,000m2 of floorspace

Use the Development team service (DTS)

For more details about these services, you can download or view our pre-application advice customer advice note (PDF, 630 KB)