We read all the comments left on planning applications.

You can comment on a planning application to:

  • support it
  • give us your views on it
  • object to it

Make a valid objection

By law, we can not reject an application unless it goes against planning policy. This includes cases where there are multiple objections or a petition.

We will not be able to uphold objections if they are based on:

  • impact on property values
  • predicted noise during construction
  • who will use the development when it is done
  • disputes with neighbours

Before you leave an objection, check if it goes against planning policy. 

Examples of when an application might go against planning policy

This can include:

  • harm to trees
  • significant loss of light
  • ongoing noise after construction
  • new windows or spaces that overlook your house or garden
  • traffic congestion
  • design not in keeping with the area

Planning policy

To find out more about the character of your area and the kinds of developments encouraged, see Croydon’s planning policies.