Staying Put service

Staying Put helps older, disabled and other vulnerable people who need advice and assistance to carry out repairs or adaptations to their homes.

How we can help you

We will:

  • visit your home and assess the proposed repairs or adaptation
  • discuss payment for the work and arrange for any grants or loans you may be entitled to to meet the cost
  • arrange for the work specifications to be prepared
  • organise trustworthy builders to do the work
  • give continued advice and support during the process


Fees are between 10% and 17% +VAT of the final cost of work. The exact amount will depend on the type and scale of work.

A fee is charged even when the works are paid for by a loan or grant. It is normally included in the loan or grant amount.

Repair work and adaptations (this list is not exhaustive)

  • repairs to a leaking roof
  • Installation of a key safe for secure access
  • damp-proofing and rewiring
  • loft and other insulation
  • blitz clean of property
  • structural work
  • bathroom fixtures and fittings
  • downstairs WC and washing facilities
  • rearrangement of rooms for easier access

How to apply

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