London Borough of Croydon

What to do if you cannot pay your rent

Please contact your Income officer if you have received a letter about your rent arrears, or if you have been served with either a Notice of Seeking Possession/Notice to Quit; or we have started either legal proceedings or eviction action to recover the rent arrears you owe us.  If you  do not contact us

If you have rent arrears of £300 or less you must go online to MyAccount to make an arrangement to clear balance, doing this can avoid further recovery costs or action.


Don't have a MyAccount? Please visit to sign up.

What happens if you don't pay your rent

If you do not pay or contact us, we will ask you to come for an interview. At the interview you will need to explain why you did not pay and we will look at what help you may need, for example by arranging payment in instalments.

If you don’t pay your arrears or you fail to keep to your repayment arrangements we will start legal proceedings against you to recover the money you owe and you could be evicted. This means we will ask the court for an order to possess your home; if we evict you we will not re-house you and we will ask the court to recover the arrears of rent and the any legal costs

The following organisations can also give you debt management advice:

Is your home too big for you?

If you are unable to afford your rent as a result of under-occupying and wish to move to a smaller property:

  • you will be paying lower rent
  • you will be paying lower bills, such as council tax charges, gas and electricity
  • a smaller home will be more manageable and need less housework
  • you may wish to move to another area in the borough but have not been able to do so, due to the expense of moving

To find out more information see our Grants for moving to a smaller home page.


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