London Borough of Croydon

If you want to move services & information

  • Housing Moves scheme

    Housing Moves is a Mayor of London's scheme to enable council and housing associations tenants relocate to different parts of London. All council and housing association tenants can apply, as long as they have a secure council tenancy or an assured housing association tenancy.

  • Seaside and Country Homes scheme

    The scheme offers homes across England for council and housing association tenants where at least one member of the household is over 60 years old.

  • Grants for moving to a smaller home

    If you are a council tenant or assured tenant of a housing association in Croydon with extra bedrooms you could be in for a windfall grant of up to £8,000 by moving to a smaller home.

  • Mutual council home exchange

    If you are a council or housing association tenant you normally have the right to a mutual exchange. This means you can swap your home with another tenant provided your landlord agrees.

  • Applying for a transfer

    How to apply for a transfer if you are a secure Croydon Council or housing association tenant.