What is a mutual exchange?

It is a swap of homes between tenants. It can be:

  • a straight swap between two tenants
  • a multiple exchange (between more than two parties).

A tenant can exchange with another tenant of:

  • Croydon Council
  • a housing association
  • another local authority.

If you would like to apply to exchange your house, please first check that the following applies to you. You can only apply for an exchange if you:

  • Live in Croydon and have lived in Croydon for at least 12 months and have the leave to remain
  • Live in secure accommodation not temporary accommodation and you are not homeless
  • Have permission from your landlord to apply for an exchange
  • Cannot afford to privately rent or buy a suitable home
  • Do not owe rent from a previous tenancy
  • Do not have a notice seeking possession of your property
  • Have not broken tenancy conditions or have not been guilty of criminal or anti-social behaviour.

How do I find someone to swap with?

You must have an exchange partner before applying for an exchange. Some places you can search

  • join the HomeSwapper scheme, which covers other areas as well as Croydon. For more information see the HomeSwapper website
  • homeswapper lists are displayed in Bernard Weatherill House and district offices
  • visit the House Exchange website  
  • visit the Homefinder UK website
  • word of mouth
  • private adverts.

How do I apply?

Once you have found your exchange partner, contact us lettingsteam@croydon.gov.uk

You can apply as the "Lead Applicant, the people you have agreed the exchange with will receive an email asking them to confirm that all details are correct.

How long does it take to agree the exchange?

We have to notify all applicants within 42 days of receiving the application whether or not permission to exchange is granted.

Before we can make a decision on whether to allow the exchange we must have received completed applications from all of the exchange partners. The 42 day period starts from when all applications are received. 

We will then make some investigations to see if we will allow the exchange to go ahead. We will need to see if there are any repairs outstanding to any of the properties and whether there are rent arrears. We will also need to be sure that exchange partners are moving into a home that is suitable for their family size.

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