London Borough of Croydon

Social care payments

If you have less than £23,250 in savings, you may get some or all of your social care costs covered. You will need to prove how much you have saved – we will send you a financial assessment form after your care assessment.  

If you do have to contribute, it will only be an amount that you can afford to pay and will be based on your income, savings and other assets you have. 

You will need to pay the full cost of care if:

  • you have savings or assets over £23,250
  • you choose not to inform us about your savings
  • you choose not to have a financial assessment

Financial assessment process

Step 1- initial contact

Once your care needs assessment is complete you will be sent a letter and a financial assessment form to complete and return to us.  You can also download a copy of the financial assessment form.

Step 2- completing the form

If you’re unable to complete the form yourself, one of our assessment officers can help. Please call 020 8726 6000 ext 60633

The form will ask you to provide details of the following (together with supporting evidence) within 28 days: 

  • state benefits and income
  • savings and investments
  • any land or property you own
  • household expenditure, for example utility bills

Step 3- calculating your costs 

The financial assessment team will work out how much your identified care needs will cost to provide, and evaluate your finances to assess your contribution towards this cost. We will also check to ensure you are receiving all the benefits you are entitled to. 

Step 4- receiving your financial statement

We will send you a letter and statement detailing any charges you will have to pay. If you receive an invoice you will receive guidance on how to make payments. 

Independent financial advice

Adult Social Care can be expensive. If you’re worried about the costs we recommend getting independent financial advice and discussing it with relatives and loved ones as soon as possible. Planning in advance will almost always make things easier.


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