London Borough of Croydon

Large and unwanted items are household items that:

  • cannot be re-used or recycled
  • you cannot transport to our waste, recycling and re-use centres

If your large and unwanted items are white goods such as a cooker or an oven, a fridge, a freezer or electrical items, see the white goods collection webpage.

How to arrange a collection

  1. log in to or create an online account
  2. choose the bulky waste option button
  3. select the item(s) you want collected from the A to Z list

If your item(s) does not appear in the A to Z list it might be because we don't collect it. Check the list of items under what we can and cannot collect below. 

We will only collect the items that you have told us about, so check your order carefully.

You must bag, box or bundle all items. Put them in your front garden or in an easily accessible location the night before they are due to be collected. This should be no more than 10 metres from where the collection vehicle can stop.

How to amend your collection

You may amend a collection by logging into My Account and click the link (under Recent Activity) to edit your order.

Changes must be made with 1 full working day's notice (ie if collection is due Wednesday, changes must be made by 11:59pm on Monday).

Charges per visit

Free for the first 3 collections per property per year. This non-chargeable quota can either be used up in a single visit or over several visits. Residents are entitled to 2 free bulky waste collections and 1 free white goods collection per year.

Charge per additional visit (over and above the annual free quota):

  • £25 for 1 to 3 items
  • £35 for 4 to 6 items

What we can and cannot collect

We can collect:

  • single items which can be handled and loaded on to the vehicle by no more than 2 workers
  • wooden fence panels that do not exceed 5' x 6'

We cannot collect: 

  • car batteries
  • cast iron baths
  • garden waste
  • mirrors and glass
  • piano
  • tiles
  • tree stumps (non commercial waste)
  • bags of household refuse

These can be taken to one of our recycling and re-use centres


  • gas cylinders
  • double glazing units
  • tyres

These items should be returned to a retail outlet or suppliers

Hazardous waste

For advice on how to dispose of the following hazardous waste contact Corporation of London on 020 7332 3433 or visit the household waste-hazardous waste webpage.

  • hazardous waste (asbestos or corrosive, flammable, explosive or toxic substances)
  • paint or oil


Bulky waste collection queries

020 8726 6200


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