Bulky waste collection

Find out how to arrange collection of large household items that cannot be reused or recycled.

Bulky waste terms and conditions

1.    Definitions:

  • “the customer” is defined as the resident or landlord or agent making a booking for a waste collection
  • “the council” is defined as the London Borough of Croydon

2.   Large or unwanted items are household items that the customer cannot re-use or recycle (eg furniture), that the customer cannot transport to the council’s household reuse and recycling centres.

3.    White goods are electrical household items that would not normally be accepted by retailers participating in the bring back schemes on GOV.UK.

4.    The council will collect up to 6 bulky items per visit. See section 5 for charges.

5.    Charges:

  • £35.53 for 1 to 3 items
  • £58.45 for 4 to 6 items

6.    The customer must bag, box or bundle all items. No loose material. One bag or box no matter how small constitutes one item. one person must be able to lift single bagged or boxed items to shoulder height.

7.   You can report bulky waste collection problems within 2 working days of the expected collection.

      Please report a problem if:

  • you receive an email claiming the collection has been completed, but it has not
  • you have not received a collection after 10pm, within the 2 days of the expected collection date

Use the link in the email you received to submit a missed collection report. 

8.    The council collects single items which can be handled and loaded on to the vehicle by no more than two workers.

9.    The council does not collect the following items, which can be taken to one of our household reuse and recycling centres:

  • car batteries
  • mirrors, glass and double glazing units
  • pianos
  • tiles
  • tree stumps or trunks
  • wooden fence panels over 5' x 6'
  • cast iron baths that are not broken into at least 3 pieces
  • cast iron boilers or tanks.

These items can be returned to the supplier:

  • gas cylinders
  • car parts
  • paint
  • oil
  • tyres – contact KwikFit for removal advice
  • hazardous waste (asbestos or corrosive, flammable, explosive or toxic substances); contact Corporation of London for advice - 020 7332 3433
  • construction waste (eg broken tiles, plasterboard, rubble, earth and soil)
  • any items that are waterlogged (items for collection must be covered if put out for collection in wet conditions); advice and guidance on safe disposal of these items is available from Corporation of London.

10.    Only items listed on the booking will be collected.

11.    Any item which could cause damage to vehicle compaction equipment will be refused.

12.    The customer must place items for collection in front of the customer’s home or in an easily accessible location the night before the items are due to be picked up, as crews start as early as 5am. If you live in a block of flats, items should be left outside the bin area.

13.    The customer must not place items for collection on the public highway, or no more than 10 metres from where the collection vehicle can stop.

14.    If the customer has steps leading to their property from the public footpath, the items must be placed at the bottom of the steps, at pavement level.

15.    Collections are operated Monday to Friday, between 5am and 10pm.

16.    The customer may cancel a collection up to one working day before the collection date.

17.    The customer may amend a collection up to two working days before the collection date.

18.    The council operates a non-refund policy once a collection has been booked and payment taken.

19.    The council assumes no responsibility for damage to the customer’s property when making a collection.

20.    Items must be placed all together, visible for crews in front of the home/driveway.

21.    Croydon council will pass your name, mobile number and address to Veolia to enable Veolia to collect your items. As part of the service, Veolia may contact you if there is an issue with the collection.