London Borough of Croydon

Personal Transport Budget

What is a Personal Transport Budget and what is it used for?

Where a child or young person is entitled to travel assistance to school as a result of their SEN the council will discuss with parents different ways to support them to get to school rather than simply using council-provided transport.

The council will consider paying a travel assistance budget based on distance to school.  The current rate is paid at 60 pence per mile from the home address to school. For children who attend school on a daily basis, four journeys a day are paid for.

A Personal Transport Budget (PTB) is available for support which is individual to the child or young person. It offers parents and young people more choice and control over the support they receive.  Instead of having to work around one mode of transport all the time the parents/carers can now choose the mode of transport that suits their circumstances.

For example they may want to:

  • Drive the young person to school
  • Cycle the young person to school
  • Buy a travel pass for a parent or trusted escort
  • Pay for an escort or travel buddy service
  • Share a transport with other parents
  • Purchase childcare for siblings

Rather than monitoring the budget expenditure, the council monitors the child’s attendance and punctuality at school.  A Travel Assistance Budget does not affect the parent’s, carer’s or young person’s benefit entitlement and is normally paid in advance on a monthly basis.