London Borough of Croydon


Check out our opportunities for apprenticeships with local businesses.

  • available for anyone over 16 – apprenticeships aren’t just for young people
  • previous work experience not always required
  • you'll earn a salary
  • retraining opportunities available – change to a new career or upskill in your existing job
  • apprenticeships can lead to permanent paid jobs
  • we can provide support with applications

Croydon Apprenticeship Academy is running a 100 Apprenticeships in 100 Days campaign for 2019. Over the next few months lots of new roles will be available on Croydon Works.

To find out more or register your interest, email:

Nearly three quarters of apprentices agreed that their chances of earning a higher wage in future had increased, and 80% agreed that their chances of going on to higher levels of training had also increased.

Of those who completed an apprenticeship, 90% secured a job or went on to further learning, with 88% in sustained employment.