London Borough of Croydon

Health and social care services & information

  • Adult care - local account

    Adult Care Local Account, Croydon's annual report to residents 2016/17

  • COVID-19 Outbreak Control Plan

    Croydon’s Outbreak Control Plan details how we will work with our partners and the community to prevent and respond to local outbreaks of COVID-19.

  • The Learning Disability Partnership

    The Croydon Learning Disability Partnership leads on the development of services for people in Croydon with learning disabilities.

  • Annual Public Health Report

    This report tells us about the health and wellbeing of Croydon residents. It’s about real people, real lives and real issues that as a community we need to understand and improve.

  • Croydon integrated mental health strategy for adults 2014- 2019

    The aim of the integrated mental health strategy is to create a shared transformational vision for mental health service provision in Croydon in the next 5 years.

  • Research governance framework

    Research governance framework is a requirement established by the Department of Health (DoH), which now demands all organisations involved in health and social care introduce and maintain a framework which will provide guidance and standards in the conduct of research.

  • Service directory for sexually vulnerable people in Croydon

    This service directory serves as a central information point for sexually vulnerable people in Croydon. It is an easy to use A to Z listing of various Health and Social Care organisations in the borough that provide advice, education, individual and community support services to people of all ages, sex and cultural background.

  • Croydon carers strategy 2018 - 2022

    The 2018 to 2022 carers' strategy which was shaped by the views of carers.

  • Joint strategic needs assessment

    Joint Strategic Needs Assessment for Croydon

  • Physical disabilities and sensory impairment strategy

    The "joint strategy for adults with physical disabilities and sensory impairments" has been developed to incorporate national and local priorities, by the partnership group for adults with physical disabilities and sensory impairment.

  • Tobacco control strategy

    Croydon's tobacco control strategy 2009 - 2012 sets out a comprehensive strategy for reducing tobacco consumption in Croydon and protecting people from the dangers of second hand tobacco smoke.