If you do not pay your instalments on time, you could face court action and have to pay a fee of £132.50.

Get support if you cannot pay

You can always contact us directly, within the timescales given, to discuss your Council Tax account.

Croydon Council Tax team
Telephone: 02087 267 000 (select option 1)
Email: croyctax@croydon.gov.uk

If you're struggling to pay your bill you can:

If you miss your payments

Sometimes we may call or text you. Calls will be from 0203 3230 201 and texts will be from from LBCroydon. Within the texts we use the URL textm.co – this is a genuine communication from Croydon Council. 

If you miss your payments we will start the Council Tax recovery process. The process has 3 steps:

  1. A reminder letter is sent to your address or is emailed to you
  2. If you do nothing, then we will issue a final notice
  3. If you do nothing, will will then send a Council Tax summons to arrange the repayment

Step 1. Reminder letter is sent

If you have not paid your Council Tax instalments, we will send you at least one Council Tax reminder notice in the post or by email. The letter will include how much you should pay to bring the account up to date.

If you do not respond to our reminders after 7 days

If you do not pay within 7 days of receiving the reminder, we will assume you have no financial problems to pay your bill and will take further action. If you do not pay, you will be charged additional costs of £117.50 and will no longer be able to pay by instalments. 

Step 2. Final notice is sent

If your Council Tax account remains in arrears or falls into arrears again you may be sent a final notice with a Direct Debit form. You will have 7 days to pay the balance stated on the form.

If you can pay

If you complete the Direct Debit form or if call us to set a Direct Debit up, we will reinstate your instalment plan. You'll need to pay on the 5th of the month. Payments may take up to 5 days to clear.

If you do not pay

A summons may be issued and you will be charged additional costs. The costs will be added to your Council Tax account.

Step 3. Council Tax summons notice

If your Council Tax account remains in arrears you will be sent a:

  • Council Tax summons notice 
  • a summons arrangement form

You will also be charged £117.50 in summons costs.

Unless the outstanding balance is paid in full before the summons hearing date, we will still need to obtain a liability order at the court. This is our usual recovery process.

Summons court hearing

You'll also be given a date and time for your summons hearing at the Croydon Magistrates' Court. You do not have to attend the court hearing, but you must complete and return the summons arrangement form, or you can contact us to help set up the arrangement before your hearing date.

Croydon Council Tax team
Telephone: 02087267000 (select option 1)

After the hearing

If a liability order is granted at the court, an additional £15 liability order costs will be added to your outstanding Council Tax balance, bringing your recovery costs to a total of £132.50. This will be taken into account when you set an arrangement.

If we cannot collect your debt

If the council needs to send your Council Tax liability order to an enforcement agency for collection, you may be charged additional enforcement fees which are payable directly to the enforcement agency.

Council Tax team


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