If we need to collect money owed

If you have outstanding Council Tax or business rates payments, or unpaid penalty charge notices, and have received a liability order, this may be passed onto an enforcement agency or bailiffs.


If your Council Tax or business rates liability order is passed to an enforcement agency because you have gone through all 3 steps of the Council Tax recovery process, you must contact the agency immediately. This is to agree an arrangement to pay so you can minimise the fees you will be charged.

If your Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) has been passed to an enforcement agency, having gone through the previous recovery steps, including appeal timescales, then you must contact the enforcement agency immediately to agree payment so you can minimise the fees you will be charged.

Croydon Enforcement Agent Service

Sometimes we may call or text you. Calls will be from 0203 3230 201 and texts will be from LBCroydon. Within the texts we use the URL textm.co – this is a genuine communication from Croydon Council. 

If you have received a notice from the Croydon Enforcement Agent Service, you should contact them immediately.

Croydon Enforcement Agent Service
Telephone: 020 8726 7000 (select option 5)
Email:  CROYEA@Croydon.gov.uk

Stages of Enforcement Action

Compliance letter

You'll be sent a compliance letter by the enforcement agency that will give you the option to contact them to set an arrangement on how the debt will be paid. You will receive a £75 statutory compliance fee for each liability order against you. The fee will be added to the balance the service has been instructed to collect from you.

You are encouraged to pay the total sum due in full. If you cannot do this you should call Croydon Enforcement Agent Service.

If you do not respond to the letter or make an arrangement

You'll be charged £235 if:

  • you do not respond to the letter within 14 working days
  • you do not make an arrangement to pay the debt

You can be charged more than once if you have more than one liability order and enforcement takes place on different days. An extra 7.5% can be charged for liability orders or warrants where the total is over £1,500.

View your case

You can view details of your case by logging in with your enforcement reference (starting with 500) and account number or PCN number.

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