The Civic Mayor of Croydon

About the Civic Mayor of Croydon, their charities, how to invite them to your event, events and updates.

The Civic Mayor’s office team

The Civic Mayor’s office team are located in the Town Hall. There is one full time Executive Officer, who supports The Civic Mayor and Deputy Civic Mayor. They are the first point of contact for all queries.

The Head of Electoral Services and the Mayor’s Office provide support and guidance, particularly regarding civic events.

The Parlour and Civic Mayor’s Reception

The Parlour is The Civic Mayor’s personal office where they host guests and meetings with Officers.

The Civic Mayor’s Reception is reserved for small civic mayoral events or high profile meetings. The Civic Mayor’s Reception would not usually be used for events if The Civic Mayor is not present or being represented by the Deputy or Past Civic Mayor

The room is also sometimes used for other council purposes, so the room must be booked in advance with the Executive Officer. 

Civic Mayoral insignia

Civic Robes 

Usually, but not always, worn to council meetings, Remembrance Sunday, and major civic occasions. The Civic Mayor will sometimes wear robes to schools and young people’s events 

The Chains of Office

These are of great value and are irreplaceable. The Executive Officer or Head of Service will advise The Civic Mayor which chain to wear at which occasion. 


The Civic Mayor is the First Citizen of Croydon and takes precedence over all others including Town Mayors. This excludes royalty and Her Majesty's Deputy Lieutenant, who take precedence over The Civic Mayor.

The Civic Mayor represents Croydon at all civic ceremonial events. He will wear his Chain and Badge of Office, but for a large majority of the functions he attends he wears his Badge of Office on a ribbon. It is the Badge that is the symbol of his authority.

During any speeches, the presence of the Civic Mayor of Croydon should be acknowledged first. For example, the Civic Mayor of Croydon, Elected Mayor, others (assuming a Royal visitor or the Lord Lieutenant of Kent is not present). Precedence should also be noted when asking The Civic Mayor and other guests to perform duties, e.g. the laying of wreaths.