Improving our council

An overview of the improvement work by the Mayor and council directorates.

“This Croydon Mayoral business plan sets a new direction, building on the hopes and aspirations of our residents and businesses. 

The business plan will transform the council into one that delivers sound and sustainable local government services, and in so doing will transform our borough into one that Croydonians can once again be proud to call home.” 

Jason Perry, Executive Mayor of Croydon

The Croydon Mayoral Business Plan

The business plan sets out 5 priority outcomes:

  • Outcome 1: Getting our finances right
  • Outcome 2: A place of opportunity
  • Outcome 3: Children and young people
  • Outcome 4: Cleaner, safer and healthier 
  • Outcome 5: Living healthier independent lives

Ensuring delivery of the plan

The Mayor’s business plan will be developed into themed strategies for each directorate.  A set of performance indicators are also being developed which align to the outcomes set out in the business plan. Progress against these indicators will be reported regularly at cabinet meetings and available publicly on our website.

Read the Croydon Mayoral Business Plan.

Progress indicators

The council publishes regular detailed 'Financial Monitoring and Corporate Performance Monitoring reports'. The reports set out our progress against our departmental budgets and key performance indicators for services. All our performance information is published online to ensure transparency. 

Find our performance reports.

Croydon independent improvement and assurance panel

Since 2021, Croydon has been working with an independent improvement and assurance panel who have provided external advice, support and challenge during the council’s recovery. 

The panel has reported that Croydon is making strong progress and heading in the right direction. In September 2023, the panel published their exit strategy – a plan to leave Croydon by July 2025 or sooner, confident that the council is on a path of continuous sustainable improvement. 

Find out more about Croydon’s improvement and assurance panel and details of the exit strategy. 

Action on financial mismanagement and governance failure

Croydon Council has taken action to hold to account those responsible for the council’s financial collapse and governance failings.

Read Mayor Jason Perry's letter to the Secretary of State on accountability in Croydon Council.