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Download a copy of London's first police and crime plan below.

The plan sets out what the Mayor of London wants to achieve by 2016 and explains what people can expect from the police and from the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC).

The Mayor of London is required by law to outline a plan that explains how the police, community safety partners and other criminal justice agencies work together to reduce crime.

But the police and their partners, including this council, prosecutors, courts and probation cannot tackle crime alone. Safe streets depend upon having strong communities, active citizens, and agencies that respond to public concerns.

It encourages people to support the police and criminal justice system. So this plan encourages more volunteering and engagement, support for local crime prevention work, and aims to help empower local residents in the fight against crime.

This plan was subject to extensive consultation in January - March 2013, which included town hall meetings in all 32 boroughs, additional stakeholder forums, focus groups and a large online survey conducted by TNS.

MOPAC will produce an annual review at the end of each financial year outlining progress.


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