The community trigger (also known as the ASB case review) is a process that allows members of the community to ask the council, police or housing association to deal with persistent antisocial behaviour (ASB). 

The trigger cannot be used to report new incidents of ASB 

When to activate the trigger

You can activate the trigger if you (as an individual) have reported antisocial behaviour to the council, police and/or housing association three times about separate incidents of antisocial behaviour in the last six months and you consider that the reports have not been appropriately addressed or there has been no action taken. For the purposes of the community trigger antisocial behaviour is defined as 'behaviour causing harassment, alarm or distress to members or any members of the public'.

The community trigger is designed to ensure that we work together to try and resolve any reports about antisocial behaviour. We will do this by discussing the problem, sharing information and using our knowledge and resources to reach an agreed outcome.

The community trigger does not affect your right to use our complaints procedure if you are dissatisfied with other council services. You will also have the right to complain to the Local Government Ombudsman or Independent Police Complaints Commission.

How to activate the trigger

To activate the community trigger you can:

Information you need to provide to activate the trigger

If you decide to request a community trigger you will need to provide the following information:

  • the dates of each time you have made reports of antisocial behaviour in the last six months
  • details of where you reported the ASB incidents (name, organisation, reference numbers)
  • information about the antisocial behaviour that is affecting you
  • details of anyone else that the antisocial behaviour is affecting

What happens next

Once you have requested the community trigger, a review panel will ask the agencies involved to provide details of your reports and actions that they have considered and taken.

A meeting will take place between the review panel, the police and or the housing association and other agencies (if they are involved) to discuss the antisocial behaviour and what actions have been considered and taken. The panel will review how the agencies have responded and make recommendations on how the problem can be resolved.

A response will be sent to you explaining the action taken and how the relevant agencies can attempt to resolve the antisocial behaviour.

In the event of any further incident(s) occurring, please call the police non-emergency 101 reporting line.  If there is an immediate threat to your personal safety please call the police on 999.