What is Safer Croydon Radio (SCR)?

SCR, is a council run initiative where local businesses such as pubs, clubs and retailers can subscribe to work together to tackle business crime.

SCR operates in Croydon town centre, New Addington, Norbury, Purley Way and Thornton Heath.

How can SCR help me?

  • SCR provides a direct radio link to the CCTV control room so members of the scheme can inform staff of any crimes and/or suspicious behaviour.
  • CCTV staff can then position cameras to record these concerns.
  • CCTV cameras can track offenders after they have left the scene. Staff remain in contact with the police, which helps to identify suspect(s) and their location.  
  • The council's area enforcement officers (AEOs) monitor the radio. In instances of low level crime and anti-social behaviour, they can be called upon to attend the scene.
  • SCR members use the radios to circulate descriptions of suspects and share information with other businesses in the area.
  • Businesses that sign up are given SCR window stickers to help deter crime.
  • Radios are equipped with a panic button which when pressed, sounds an alarm in the CCTV control room. This alerts staff to move the cameras to the caller's position and contact them.
  • CCTV staff cannot report crime on your behalf. Report any crime to the police by dialling 999 in an emergency or 111 in non-emergencies.

How much does SCR cost?

Membership costs £288 per year (£345.60 including VAT). This price includes the rental of a radio handset and a charger as well as maintenance costs (not including loss or damage).

How can I join SCR?

Please get in touch with us using the contact details below.

CCTV team