London Borough of Croydon

Advice and information services & information

  • Community trigger

    The trigger is designed to ensure that we work together to try and resolve any complaints about antisocial behaviour.

  • Fire safety advice and information

    Advice on spotting hazards and preventing fires, and information for residents concerned about the Grenfell Tower fire.

  • Antisocial behaviour

    Antisocial behaviour can be broadly defined as behaviour which is capable of causing harassment, distress or alarm to other people, including noise nuisance from a neighbour, graffiti and damage to property.

  • London's most wanted

    Help the police arrest its most wanted suspects.

  • Burglary prevention

    Protect your home against burglary with ten top safety tips

  • Crime prevention

    Subscribe to e-bulletinsAdvice on how to reduce the risk of being a victim of crime

  • Hate crime

    Hate crime can be motivated by ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual identity and other motives. This section gives advice on how and where to report this offence.

  • Counter terrorism and the Prevent strategy

    Prevent is part of the government's counter-terrorism strategy, that aims to stop people in the UK becoming terrorists.

  • Mini moto, motorbike, quad bike

    Restrictions on the use of small motorised vehicles