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When you are making the appointment to register the death, you will be given information about Tell Us Once. Tell Us Once is a FREE government service that allows you to report a death only once, telling central and local government electronically without you having to inform them individually.

If the death has taken place in Croydon, you should register the death at the Croydon Register Office. This is known as a 'declaration' of the death. 

You can also register a death at any other register office in England or Wales. Please be aware that if you choose to register a death in a district other than where the death took place, you will not be given any documentation on the day of your appointment. This can slow down the registration process significantly and potentially delay any funeral arrangements. The details of the death will be passed to Croydon Register Office who will then issue and post the certificate to you.

Book an appointment

To book an appointment to register a death, visit our Registrar eBookings website.

If you require a burial to take place within 24 hours please call us on 020 8726 6300 between 09.00 – 16.00 Monday to Friday.

On Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays (with the exception of Easter Sunday and Christmas Day) we also have a Registrar available to assist between 09.00 – 11.00 each day.

 To access this service please call 07909 893145.

All deaths must be registered within five days of the death taking place unless a coroner is conducting an investigation into the circumstances of the death.


Who can register a death?

If the person died in a house or hospital:

  • a relative
  • someone present at the death
  • an occupant of the house where the death took place
  • an official from the hospital where the death took place
  • the person making the arrangements with the funeral directors.

If the death took place anywhere else:

  • a relative
  • someone present at the death
  • the person who found the body
  • the person in charge of the body
  • the person making the arrangements with the funeral directors.

What to bring with you to the appointment

You will need to bring the following to your appointment:

  • a medical certificate issued by a doctor showing the cause of death (if the death has been referred to a coroner, the coroner's office will advise you what to do)
  • information about when and where the death occurred
  • the full name of the deceased, including maiden name/s if applicable
  • the deceased date and place of birth
  • the deceased occupation
  • the deceased address
  • if the deceased was married or in a civil partnership the full name and occupation of the spouse/civil partner

Before attending you appointment please check all spelling of names/character accents in names. We strongly advise you to bring the deceased passport/nationality identity card with you

If you discover that there is a mistake on the certificate please contact us on the details below for further advice.

There is a fee of up between £75 to £90 associated with correcting certificates which is payable upon application. The fee is a consideration fee and must be paid before any analysis of the case is undertaken.

The fee must be paid regardless of whether the correction goes ahead or not. The fee does not include the cost for a certificate after the correction is completed.

Your appointment will take approximately 30 minutes. If you are running late, please advise this office.


Registering a death is free of charge. You will be given a document which allows you to arrange the burial or cremation and a certificate for social security purposes.

Additional Certificate

If you need copies of the death registration, for example, for probate or access to bank accounts, a fee of £11 per copy is payable to the registrar.

If you do not purchase these on the day that you register the death, you can obtain them on line Additional certificates.

Please Note certificates ordered after the appointment will also cost £11

How to pay

Payment can be made by:

1. Debit or Credit card
2. Cheques (made payable to 'Croydon Council')

Please Note we cannot accept cash payments


Croydon Register Office

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