Information you need to provide

If available, please have the following to refer to in relation to the deceased:

  • passport or birth certificate
  • marriage or civil partnership certificates
  • their full name, including any maiden name
  • their date and place of birth
  • their occupation
  • their address
  • when and where they died
  • the full name and occupation of any spouse or civil partner

Medical certificate of cause of death (MCCD)

We need the medical certificate of cause of death (MCCD) for the registration.

Email the Register Office to check we have the MCCD before you book your registration appointment.


If the death occurred in Croydon University Hospital

The bereavement team will send the medical certificate of cause of death (MCCD) to us.

If the death occurred in the community, at home or in a care home

The certifying doctor should send the MCCD to Croydon register Office. You will need to email us to check we have the certificate before you book your registration appointment.


Funeral director details

You will also need to provide an email address for your funeral director - we need this so we can send them the green certificate for burial or cremation.