Reclaimed graves

These are old graves that have not been used for at least 75 years and in which further burial space exists. Some were covered by derelict memorials, which have been removed. They are available in Mitcham Road Cemetery and Queen's Road Cemetery.

Graves can be selected for a new 50 year period for one or two burials. None of the previous deeper burials will be disturbed. The right to place a memorial varies from 30 to 50 years depending on the safety of the chosen design. Temporary edgings or surrounds can be placed prior to the purchase of a memorial.

These graves are ideal for those who want greater choice over memorial design. For example, a memorial kerb surround prevents people walking over the grave, and enables the grave purchaser to create a garden area if they want to.

Reclaimed heritage graves

To preserve as much of the cemetery heritage as possible we also offer reclaimed heritage graves. Included in the cost of the grave is the original memorial which we have deemed to be of historic interest and worth preserving for the future. Further details are available on request. If you prefer, you can visit the cemetery by appointment to select the grave position. Contact us for more information.