Changing a birth record

You can apply to correct a mistake on a birth record by completing an application online or contacting the register office.

Changing your baby's first name

If you registered your child's birth but want to change the first name, you can do so within a year of the registration. This change can only be made once.

After year, it can only be done by deed poll.

If you are attending the Register Office in person, you will need to observe social distancing at all times and wear adequate personal protective equipment (PPE). For more information, read staying safe outside your home on GOV.UK.

Who can change a baby's name

Only the mother, father or legal guardian of the child can make the change.

How to apply if your child was baptised

You can either:

How to apply if your child was not baptised

You can either:

How much it costs and how to pay

It costs £40 to change names.

There are 2 ways to pay, you can either:

  1. Post your completed form to Croydon Register Office with a cheque payable to Croydon council
  2. Bring your completed form to Croydon Register Office and pay by debit or credit card

What happens next

Once we have received your form and payment, we will contact you to set up your appointment to change the birth registration.

If you need a copy of the new birth certificate

It costs £11 for each copy of the new birth certificate – you can also buy certificate copies later. It will also cost £2 if you want us to send your new certificates by post.