Changing a birth record

You can apply to correct a mistake on a birth record by completing an application online or contacting the register office.

Add the natural father's details after the parents have married

If the parents were married after the child's original birth registration, you must make a new registration to show your child is a child of your marriage. To do this, the parents must re-register the birth so that a new birth record can be created to replace the original one.

This change can only be made once. After this, you can change a name by deed poll.

If the parents are not married – do not use form LA1.

If you need to change the child's last name

This can also be changed, if both parents agree. If the child is 16 or older, they must give their written consent before their last name is changed.

How to apply

You will need follow these 3 steps:

  1. Download the application form LA1 from GOV.UK – or collect a paper copy from Croydon Register Office.
  2. Complete the form – both parents must sign the form.
  3. Hand in or send your completed form with the original birth certificate to Croydon Register Office.

If you are attending the Register Office in person, you will need to observe social distancing at all times and wear adequate personal protective equipment (PPE). For more information, read staying safe outside your home on GOV.UK.

If you were married abroad

You must also send a copy of your marriage certificate (with translation if it's not in English).

How much it costs

This service is free.

What happens next

Your application will be checked and we will contact you within 15 days with the time and date of your appointment.

Your appointment will normally be within 6 weeks, unless a referral to the General Register Office is necessary for approval.

At the appointment

Either parent can attend the re-registration appointment.

You must bring:

  • the parents' marriage certificate
  • £11 for a new certificate (if required), payable by debit or credit card – you can also buy certificate copies later