Changing a birth record

You can apply to correct a mistake on a birth record by completing an application online or contacting the register office.

Correcting a mistake on a birth record

Read the advice on correcting birth registrations on GOV.UK before you apply as there are no refunds if we are unable to correct the birth registration.

How to apply for a correction

There are two steps you need to follow:

  1. Contact the Register Office to make an appointment.
  2. Get the application form to correct a mistake on a birth certificate.

How to get an application form

Download an application form to correct details on a birth registration on GOV.UK.

How much it costs

It costs £75 or £90 to correct a mistake on a birth certificate, depending on the type of correction required.

This fee is for your application, even if the correction is not authorised. 

At your appointment

If you are attending the Register Office in person, you will need to observe social distancing at all times and wear adequate personal protective equipment (PPE). For more information, read staying safe outside your home on GOV.UK.

At your appointment at Croydon Register Office, bring:

  • your completed form
  • a debit or credit card to pay the fee of £75 or £90, depending on the type of correction required
  • documentation that clearly show what the correct information should be – for example: passport, identity card or a bank statement

While you are here, we will check whether the correction can be completed locally or if it needs to be referred to the GRO. If the correction needs to be sent to the GRO, we will photocopy and certify your documents so that you can keep your originals.

What happens next

It can take between 1 week and 3 months for the application to be decided on, depending on how simple the request is and the quality of the evidence provided. We cannot check the status of an application until 10 weeks after you apply.

If your change is approved

We will contact you to arrange an appointment to make the correction. You will be able to buy corrected certificate copies at the appointment for £11 each.

If your change is not approved

We will contact you to let you know why it was not approved.