London Borough of Croydon

During the current COVID-19 pandemic it is important that we communicate with our residents quickly without avoidable physical contact. We are therefore updating our resident records with contact information including mobile numbers and email addresses. Any outbound calls will come from 02033230201 and any texts from LBCroydon. Within the texts we use the URL – this is a genuine communication from Croydon Council. 


Your council tax must be received by the due date on your bill. Late payment can result in extra charges. The best way to avoid this is to set up a direct debit.

Sometimes it may become necessary for the council to commence council tax recovery action, we would urge you not to ignore the notices that are sent to you. At each stage of the recovery process you are able to contact us directly, within the timescales given, to discuss your council tax account. We are here to help, our contact details are provided at the bottom of the page.

If you are unable to pay your council tax instalments as per your bill we will send:

  • At least one council tax reminder - The notice will clearly tell you:
    • how much you should pay to bring the account up to date
    • that you have seven days to bring your account up to date
    • that after a further seven days, if the account is not fully up to date, including any additional council tax instalments which may have become due, you may be issued with a council tax summons.

If your council tax account remains in arrears or falls into arrears again you may be sent:

  • A council tax final notice (with a direct debit form) - The notice states:
    • that you have seven days to pay the balance stated
    • if you do not pay a summons may be issued which will incur council tax recovery costs
    • the costs will be added to your council tax account
    • your right to pay by instalments has been withdrawn
    • we will reinstate your instalment plan if you complete and sign the direct debit form, or if you telephone us to set up a direct debit, to collect the remaining balance.

Remember we can only reinstate your instalment plan if a summons has not been issued.

If your council tax account remains in arrears you will be sent:

  • A council tax summons - (with a form for setting an arrangement). You do not have to attend the court hearing but it is important that you complete and return the arrangement form, or contact us to discuss your account so that we can help you to set an arrangement for payment. The summons notice confirms:
    • that a summons hearing will take place at Croydon Magistrates' Court. The date and time are specified
    • that you can set an arrangement for payment in instalments with us by contacting us directly, before the hearing date. That you have been charged £120 summons costs
    • that, if a liability order is granted at the court, an additional £15 liability order costs will be added to the outstanding council tax balance, bringing your recovery costs to a total of £135. This will be taken into account when you set an arrangement.

Please remember that although an arrangement has been set with us, unless the outstanding balance is paid in full before the summons hearing date, we will still need to obtain a liability order at the court. This is our usual recovery process.

If the council needs to send your council tax liability order to an enforcement agency for collection, you may be charged additional enforcement fees which are payable directly to the enforcement agency. Please refer to the council tax recovery enforcement section for further information.

Did you know?

You can now check your council tax account online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, giving you access to your account balance, instalment plan and payments made. Register for an online account today.


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