Sensory impairment service

This service specialises in support for visually impaired, deaf and deafblind people.

Dual sensory loss services

The dual sensory loss service has a specialist deafblind worker who carries out assessments and commissions services for individuals living with sight and hearing loss, to increase their independence.


  • anyone living with sight and hearing loss in the borough of Croydon, with a medically diagnosed eye condition
  • there must be permanent and significant sight loss in both eyes
  • you do not have to be registered sight impaired (partially sighted) or severely sight impaired (blind)
  • if your sight is corrected through spectacles or contact lenses you will not be eligible for this service


If you meet the above criteria and you are having practical difficulties due to your sight and hearing loss, referrals can be made to the specialist deafblind worker for an assessment. If your hearing loss is having a significant impact on aspects of your daily living, this may be improved by the use of a hearing aid following an assessment from an audiologist. Referrals to the audiologist can be made via your GP.


Following an assessment there may be a number of services available, such as:

  • information about local services and activities
  • access to specialist equipment and aids to promote independence
  • support with communication problems and help in developing solutions
  • teaching independent living skills in the home
  • help in accessing leisure facilities
  • advice and referrals to other services that may help increase independence and wellbeing
  • assessment for care and support, such as provision of direct payments or personal budgets


The dual sensory loss register helps us to monitor the amount of people living with both sight and hearing loss in Croydon. This allows us to plan our services ensuring that
they are as effective as possible. The register is voluntary and if you do not wish to be registered it will not affect your eligibility.