Sensory impairment service

This service specialises in support for visually impaired, deaf and deafblind people.

Hard of hearing services

We work in partnership with Croydon Hearing Resource Centre and other local services that can support you with free hearing tests, help and advice about new hearing aids, support with existing NHS aids and provide specialist equipment.


  • anyone who is hard of hearing living in the borough of Croydon


We will make an assessment of the level of hearing loss to determine which equipment should help. Croydon Hearing Resource Centre’s specialist assessment officer will talk to you about specialist equipment.

Services available

There are a number of aids and equipment to alert you to sounds in your home environment, that would allow you to be safe and independent.  Equipment available on loan from social care services includes:

  • door chimes
  • flashing doorbells
  • TV audio loop systems
  • vibrating pagers
  • baby alarms


Registration helps us to identify how many people with hearing loss live in the borough, which helps us plan our services. If you choose not to register, it will not affect your assessment for services.