London Borough of Croydon

Your finance journey

Your finance journey begins once your care manager or social worker has agreed that you are eligible for care, provided and or arranged by the Croydon adult social care team. 

You will now be in the process of working with your care manager or social worker to complete your support plan which will help decide what support you need to help meet your needs.

To ensure all your care arrangements run smoothly, it is important that you understand the finance journey that runs alongside your care planning and what is expected of you. You or your representative (the person who you acting on your behalf) will be asked to complete a financial assessment the link can be found below so that we can work out how much, if anything, you will have to pay.

We operate a charging policy that complies with the Care Act 2014. Our charging policy ensures that our customers are financially assessed fairly and consistently in accordance with the rules and regulations set out within section 8 & 9 of the Care Act 2014.

In line with this law, we can charge for some services we provide and arrange on your behalf. To understand what services we charge for and how much the charge is, please view our Fee’s and Charges schedule, which is updated annually.

To find out more about how much you will have to pay visit our financial assessment page.


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