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Blue badges

About the blue badge

For more information about the Blue Badge Scheme go to the Blue Badge FAQ on the website.

Department for Transport have announced their plan to lay new Blue badge scheme legislation before Parliament. It is their intention to extend the scope of this scheme to allow more people with hidden disabilities to qualify for a blue badge. However until the new legislation takes effect in 2019 (the date has not yet been announced but is unlikely to be before the end of May), we continue to be governed by the current legislation.


Use the online eligibility checker to find out if you could qualify for a Blue Badge.

How to apply for a blue badge

You can apply for a blue badge online via the site

Please note: only use the official site above to apply for a blue badge. Avoid using any unofficial site which claims to assist you to get a blue badge or which charge an administration fee of £49. These are scam sites which appear on the internet from time to time.

It is free to apply for a blue badge from the official site at and an administration fee of £10 is ONLY charged if the application is successful.

You can also contact travel services (details below) and ask for an application form if you are unable or prefer not to apply online.

Mobility Assessments

Croydon have  implemented the guidance from Department for Transport regarding establishing entitlement to a badge. Our policy is to arrange for most applicants for a badge to have an independent mobility assessment to establish the degree of mobility impairment.

These assessments are arranged if the applicant has applied on the grounds of having a permanent and substantial disability which means that they are unable to walk or have very substantial difficulty in walking unless they already have an award of the higher rate of the mobility component of Personal Independent Payments (PIP).

Lost or Stolen, Reporting changes

You can  report changes or report your blue badge as lost or stolen by contacting the Travel Service team using the contact details below.

If you have a blue badge please remember to report any change of address, email address or telephone number to travel services so that we can make sure that all reapplication invitation letters reach you. Please provide proof of your new address such as a utility bill, tenancy agreement or letter from your bank. If the badge is no longer required, for example on the death of the badge holder, please cut the badge in half and post it to Travel Services at the address at the foot of this page.

How to pay the administration charge

If your application for a new, reapplication or replacement badge is approved, you will be required to pay an administration charge of £10 before the badge can be produced. You can pay this by credit card or debit card by telephoning the travel service team using the contact details below. Alternatively you can send us a cheque or postal order made payable to Croydon Council. Please note that we are not able to accept cash payments.

Blue badge for an organisation

An organisational blue badge can be issued to organisations with responsibility for the continuous care of five or more disabled people who meet the qualifying criteria for the personal blue badge.

In most cases it will be used in larger vehicles designed for transporting a minimum of five disabled persons in comfort and safety such as coaches and mini-buses.

The organisational blue badge can only be issued for use in vehicles taxed under the disabled passenger vehicle (DPV) taxation class. Organisations can confirm this by submitting a photocopy of the Registration Certificate V5 showing that the taxation class is “Disabled Passenger Vehicle” to travel services. Alternatively please submit confirmation from DVLA that the vehicle is registered under either the Disabled Persons Vehicle (DPV) tax classification or the Ambulance (NHS) classification and so is exempt from payment of the road fund licence. You may receive an annual email from DVLA confirming that the vehicle is registered as exempt from the tax because of the use as a disabled passenger vehicle.

Staff members using the badge must be made aware of its correct manner of use and display.

Organisations with less than five qualifying individuals are advised to assist such clients to apply for their own personal blue badges.

Application forms can be obtained from travel services.

Parking with a blue badge

Disabled parking permits, also known as blue badges, allow cars carrying people who are registered blind or have severe walking difficulties to park near shops, stations and other facilities.

Parking bays reserved for vehicles displaying blue badges are clearly marked.

Blue badge holders are allowed to park free of charge and without time limit in or on:

  • any permitted parking space or paid-for parking bay
  • free limited-period waiting boxes
  • red routes in specially signed and marked spaces.

Blue badge holders are allowed to park free of charge for up to three hours in or on:

  • any single or double yellow line, except where there is a:
    • loading and unloading ban
    • stopping restriction
    • footway parking ban.

For more information see


If you wish to appeal against a decision we have made you can view our Concessionary Travel Service Appeals Policy from the downloads section below

Blue badge fraud

Blue badges are the property of local councils, who can take them away if they are misused. This page explains what counts as misuse of a blue badge. It also tells you what you should do if you suspect someone is misusing a blue badge.

What counts as misuse of a blue badge?

Some forms of misuse are against the law. These include:

  • Allowing someone else to use your blue badge;
  • Using a fake or altered blue badge while your vehicle is being driven;
  • Using a fake or altered blue badge while your vehicle is parked;
  • Any other kind of dishonesty or deception in obtaining or using a blue badge;
  • Using a cancelled badge while your vehicle is being driven or is parked;
  • Using a badge that should have been returned while your vehicle is being driven or is parked.

Croydon's parking services takes the issue of blue badge fraud seriously. Our civil enforcement officers are trained to identify fraudulent badges and if one is located, the vehicle may be removed. If you suspect that a person is misusing a blue badge, please report it by completing our suspected misuse or fraud report form.


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