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The facts

Motorcyclists represent a large proportion of road casualties in relation to their numbers. They make up only around 1% of road traffic but suffer around 20% of deaths and serious injuries. The statistic that one in five deaths on the road is now a motorcyclist is sobering. Source – page 26 of The Government Motorcycle Strategy

Reported road casualties in Croydon in 2015

In 2015, in Croydon, there were 345 motorcycle casualties, of which 3 were killed, 27 received serious injury and 315 slight injuries. 

Free training courses from Transport for London (TfL)

TfL have launched a new suite of initiatives which are an enhanced package of measures to improve the quality and extent of training that riders receive. They were created because motorcyclists are the most vulnerable road users in London, making up 26 percent of people killed and seriously injured but only two percent of vehicle kilometres travelled on our roads.  They offer a range of schemes to meet as diverse a range of rider needs as possible and to enable riders to complete a number of additional training courses.

There are four different target audiences the initiatives focus on:

  • new riders, particularly aged 16-25, excluding delivery riders
  • delivery riders
  • riders who commute to work/education via low powered motorcycle (≤125cc)
  • experienced riders of higher powered motorcycles (>500cc)

For more information visit the TfL or see the training grid below:

Summary of training courses provided by TfL.


Target audience

Cost to rider



How can riders book onto these

Preparing for your CBT

New, young riders


1 hour

Online course covering key riding theory and elements of the Highway Code


1-2-1 Motorcycle Skills

Commuters, riders of low-powered motorcycles / scooters


2 hour

A tailored one-on-one session with a qualified instructor. Rider selects their routes, their start/end location and session time/date


Beyond CBT: Skills for Delivery Riders

Delivery riders


1 day

Delivered by qualified instructors only for those who deliver goods and services for a living. Available post-CBT


Motorcycle Industry Association accreditation scheme

To find accredited training schools for CBT and post-test training use the following links:

Accredited training schools

Other useful websites

2 Wheels London

Motorcycling in London

Training and post-test training

Enhanced -- rider scheme

IAM Roadsmart

RoSPA   Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents

MCIA  Motorcycle Industry Association

Protective gear for bikers




Road safety team

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Address Line:

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