Mobile phones and driving

A video campaign created by the London Road Safety Council and Croydon Council, with facts about using your phone while driving.

The facts

  • Studies show that drivers using a hands-free or handheld mobile phone are slower at recognising and reacting to hazards.
  • Even careful drivers can be distracted by a call or text – and a split-second lapse in concentration could result in a crash.

The Law

  • It is illegal to use a handheld mobile phone or similar device when driving, stopped at traffic lights or queuing in traffic.
  • You will receive a fine of £200 and 6 penalty points if you are caught using a handheld phone while driving. Points on your licence could result in higher insurance premiums.
  • It is illegal to use a hand-held phone or similar device when supervising a learner driver.
  • Newly qualified drivers will lose their licence if they get 6 or more penalty points within 2 years of passing their test.
  • You can be prosecuted for using a hands free phone or similar device if you are distracted and not in proper control of the vehicle. The same penalties apply as for hand held phones.
  • If found driving carelessly or dangerously when using a hand held or hands free phone could result in disqualification, a large fine and up to two years imprisonment.
  • Employers could be prosecuted if employees are distracted because of them being required to use their mobile phones while driving.

Callers should hang up too

If you ring someone, they answer and you realise that they are driving, tell them to switch off and hang up.

Heads up, phones down: video campaign

Croydon Council helped make this series of films by the London Road Safety Council.