London Borough of Croydon

Update 5 January 2017 – Maximum 20mph Proposal for North-East Croydon is approved

The results of the Statutory consultation were presented to the councils Traffic Management Advisory Committee (TMAC) through an officer report on 5 October 2016.  Having considered the officer report and objections received during the statutory consultation, the decision was to approve the new limit for this area. 

The council is now preparing the final drawings before the signs are put in place.  It is anticipated this speed limit will come in to force by April 2017

Update 1 August 2016 – Result of the ‘north-east community engagement’  and start of Statutory Consultation

Following the recent 'community engagement survey' all responses were analysed and the result was reported in an officer report to the Executive Director.  The result showed that the majority of respondents from the ‘community engagement area' supported the council proposal to lower the speed limit in residential roads in the north-east Croydon area.  The council carried out a statutory consultation which allowed any person wishing to object to the scheme to do so. This consultation ended on 24 August 2016.  

At the end of the statutory consultation, officers will prepare a report for the council's Traffic Management Advisory Committee (TMAC) to consider. The committee will consider objections which may be received during the statutory consultation period before a final decision is made on whether or not to confirm the speed limit Traffic Management Order. If the decision to confirm the order is taken, implementation of the scheme will follow.

Map of the North East Croydon (Area 2) 20mph proposal


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