London Borough of Croydon


We are responsible for ensuring that public rights of way are kept clear of obstructions and that landowners meet their responsibilities in this respect. We offer advice and where appropriate take action over blocked or disputed public rights of way.

We can also take action when the blocking of the public right of way results from a breach of a planning permission, either:

  • the development has not been carried out in accordance with the approved plans
  • a condition of the planning permission has not been complied with.

We cannot take action over blocked or disputed private rights of way. Anyone affected in this way should consult a solicitor.

Check if a path or footpath is a public right of way

If you wish to check whether a path is a public right of way please contact us using the details below. An officer will check the status of the route on the definitive map and statement of public rights of way.

If the route is not recorded as a public right of way it could be a claimed path. We are not responsible for maintaining unrecorded paths.


Highways maintenance

020 8255 2816
020 8763 1649
Address Line:

Floor 6, Zone C

Bernard Weatherill House

8 Mint Walk,

Croydon CR0 1EA

Public Rights of Way (Maintenance and Enforcement)

020 8726 6000

Public Rights of Way (Status and Records Issues)

020 8726 6000 ext: 64983