London Borough of Croydon

Emissions-based residents parking permits were introduced on 1 October 2019 with new permit charges.

Who can apply

To apply for a permit you must be:

  • a permanent resident at an address within Croydon
  • the registered keeper of the vehicle
  • on the electoral register or council tax record

What you need to apply

Apply and pay for your permit online and we will send you the permit within 5 working days.

To apply for a permit you will need:

  • a photo or scanned copy of page 2 of your V5C registration showing your vehicle make, model, engine size & emissions
  • credit or debit card

Your parking permit is only valid when you receive and display your permit. Failure to display may result in a penalty charge notice.

Having a permit does not guarantee a parking space on your road. It gives you the option to park in a valid space anywhere within the permit zone.

New permit costs from 1 October

From 1 October 2019, the cost of a permit will be based on the environmental impact of your vehicle, which is measured differently depending on the year the car was first registered.

All permit prices

Vehicle registered since March 2001

Charge Band

CO2 emission (g/km)

Permit charge

Band 1

Less than 1


Band 2

1 – 75


Band 3

76 – 165


Band 4

166 – 225


Band 5

226 of more


Vehicle registered before March 2001

Charge Band

Engine size (cc)

Permit charge

Band 6

1,600 or less


Band 7

1,601 or more


Additional charges to the above permit charges

Charge type


One-off administration fee for each a new permit application


Surcharge for second vehicle at the same address


Surcharge for third vehicle at the same address. Note, available for renewals only.


For vehicles registered after March 2001 that have no CO2 emission data noted on the V5C, your vehicle will automatically be Band 5.

For vehicles that are long term lease, or company vehicles, the second page of the V5C is still required. If you do not have a copy of the V5C to upload during the application process,  upload a screen shot of your vehicle emission data from or, which are the only other formats we accept.

Apply online

Apply online now for a residents parking permit

Your permit start date must be at least 5 days in advance. We cannot change the start date after you submit your application.

Council housing estate permits

If you’re a permanent resident living in a council owned housing estate, you can apply for a council housing estates permit.

Due to increased demand for parking within Croydon, we're constantly reviewing permit allocations for the whole of the borough.

Lost or stolen permits

If a permit is lost, stolen or destroyed, the permit holder must notify the Council immediately and the permit shall cease to be valid. A new permit will be issued for the unexpired period of the original permit and an administration charge of £30.00 must be made. 


View Croydon's parking permit zone maps.

Terms and conditions

Download the resident parking permit terms and conditions.