London Borough of Croydon

Residents of blocks of flats with Section 106 agreement (or other such planning restriction) that specifies within a clause the restriction of the issue of permits, will NOT be eligible to receive residents permits.

For your information a resident parking permit does NOT GUARANTEE THE AVAILABILITY OF A PARKING SPACE; in some areas you may not be able to park on your road due to parking congestion, however the permit gives the option of parking within a valid bay anywhere within the permitted zone.

In addition there are other options for those residents that cannot obtain a residents permit:

- Garages for rent within the borough run by the Housing Dept
- Council car park permits or All zone permits.

Due to increased demand for parking within Croydon, the Council is constantly reviewing permit allocations for the whole of the Borough.

​Who can apply for a permit?

To apply for a permit you must meet all of the following criteria:

  • you are a permanent resident at an address within the relevant CPZ
  • you are the registered keeper of the vehicle
  • your name and address must appear on the Electoral Register or council tax records.

What you need to apply

You can apply and pay for your permit online and we will send you the permit within five working days.

To apply for a permit you will need:

  • Digital copy (photo/scan) of your V5C registration document (not new keeper supplement) to upload (This must show your current address within the zone you are applying for a permit).
  • Credit or debit card

Please note that a parking permit will only provide exemption if valid and clearly displayed. Failure to display may result in a Penalty Charge Notice. You should buy a pay & display ticket or use the cashless parking service RingGo until you receive and display your permit.

How much it will cost

  • 1st permit £80
  • 2nd permit £126
  • There is a one off £30 administration charge for all new applicants.

Apply online

Apply online now for a residents parking permit

Please change the permit start date to five working days from today to allow for processing and postage. We cannot change the start date once you submit your application.

Council Housing Estate permits

If you are a permanent resident living in a Council owned housing estate you can obtain a parking permit that allows you to park your car within the estate’s car park designated area only. It will not allow you to park your car on other streets in your area that are covered by a council controlled parking scheme. View the Housing estates covered by the Council Housing Estate scheme and application criteria.


View Croydon's parking permit zone maps.

Terms and Conditions

Download the Residents’ Parking Permit Terms and Conditions.