London Borough of Croydon

For all planning enquiries, use our planning enquiry form.


If you have followed our officer advice as part of the pre-application process but planning permission has been refused, we will offer a free one-off follow-up correspondence or meeting service (depending on the scale of the proposal). 

Where permission has been refused in other circumstances you must submit a new pre-application service request. 

Amending schemes

We recognise that amendments are sometimes necessary. Where an application is likely to be submitted under ss. 96a and 73 of the 1990 Act, a meeting service pre-application enquiry may be necessary to discuss the implications. 

Discharge of condition

Planning conditions are often used where the approach to an issue has been agreed but full details have not been developed at the time of a planning application. As such, significant issues might need to be addressed prior to discharging planning conditions. 

In order to make this process as straightforward as possible as developers are often under significant time constraints at this point, we strongly recommend discharging conditions as part of a project management approach to your scheme. 

In this event, discharge of condition applications should be preceded by a meeting service pre-application enquiry to discuss the relevant issues and ensure that details are acceptable at the time of formal submission. 

Dedicated officer

For the very largest of strategic projects, we offer a dedicated officer service. In these instances, the cost of providing these services will depend on the sale of the work and the process will be covered by a planning performance agreement.


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