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We have reluctantly decided to postpone the Council’s Duty Officer system until further notice, whilst honouring existing appointments – up until 30th March 2020.

For all planning enquiries, complete the planning enquiry form.

Check if you need planning permission

Not all developments need planning permission. Legislation grants permission for certain types of small development known as permitted development. You must apply for a lawful development certificate to confirm your proposal complies with permitted development.

Some areas are covered by an Article 4 direction — projects in these areas may have different planning permission requirements.

Read the guides and advice on the planning portal if you're unsure whether you need planning permission.

Home extensions

We have produced a guide for home extensions with the Local Authority Building Control which can be viewed at

Appointing someone to handle your application

An architect or planning agent could help to develop detailed plans. They can also tell you if planning permission is needed and submit an application on your behalf.


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