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Notifying us of demolition under Sections 80 to 83 of the Building Act 1984

When to notify us under Section 80

If you are planning to carry out demolition work greater than 50m3 in volume (some exemptions apply) you will need to notify us before you start under Section 80 of the Building Act 1984 (the Act). This volume is approximately the size of a 2 storey residential rear extension. An application form should be submitted to the council at least six weeks before the work is due to start. Demolition works should not start until either the 6 weeks have elapsed or we serve a Notice under Section 81 of the Act.

The relevant legislation

The controls for demolition work are given under Section 80 – 83 of the Act which may be found here: Building Act 1984. Your notification should include all of the information set out in Section 80. Specifically, the following details under point 3 of the act are required:

(3) A notice under subsection (2) above shall specify the building to which it relates and the works of demolition intended to be carried out, and it is the duty of a person giving such a notice to a local authority to send or give a copy of it to:
(i) the occupier of any building adjacent to the building,
(ii) any public gas supplier in whose authorised area the building is situated,
(iii) the public electricity supplier in whose authorised area the building is situated and any other person authorised by a licence under that part to supply electricity to the building.

Demolition notice application form

Download a Section 80 demolition notice form (word doc.).

The form should be filled in and the requested attachments provided before being emailed to:


A standard charge of £200 (VAT is not applicable) is made for all demolition notices received by Croydon council to cover administrative and inspection costs.

Call 020 8760 5476 to pay by credit or debit card.


Where demolition has started without telling us first, an offence will have been committed and this could result in a fine at the magistrates court. However, this does not prevent us serving a demolition notice and instigating proceedings for a fine.

Notice from the council

After we receive a Section 80 notice, we will issue a counter notice under Section 81 of the Building Control Act 1984 which will detail various conditions which are intended to ensure that the work is carried out safely. Demolition should not start unless:

(i) we have given a notice under Section 81; or,
(ii) six weeks has elapsed since the Section 80 notice was made to us.

You will need to work with the Planning Department to ensure you are complaint with any permissions and pre-commencement planning conditions.

Other permissions

You may also need permission under the Town and Country Planning Acts for your scheme. If the building is listed, or in a conservation area, special consent may be needed for any demolition work proposed, even where notice is not needed under Section 80 of the Building Act 1984.

For more information, contact the Housing Enforcement team.

Notification is required under the Building Act regardless of whether planning permission has been granted.


Housing Enforcement

0208 760 5476
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Housing Enforcement, 6th Floor Zone A, Bernard Weatherill House, 8 Mint Walk, Croydon CR0 1EA


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