Resident parking permits

Apply for or renew a resident parking permit. Find out how much a permit costs.

Annual parking permit costs

The cost of a permit is based on the environmental impact of your vehicle. This is measured differently depending on the year the car was first registered.

Use our 2 step tool to find out what environmental band your vehicle is in and how much a permit will cost:


View the list of all permit bands below.

Applications without emission data

For vehicles registered after March 2001 that have no CO2 emission data noted on the V5C, your vehicle will automatically be Band 5. Any diesel or petrol vehicle which has 0g/km listed as their emission will also be Band 5 as your emission date is not recorded.

Long term lease and company vehicles

We still need to see the second page of the V5C for long term lease vehicles or company vehicles.

If you do not have a copy of the V5C to upload during the application process, upload a screen shot of your vehicle emission data from the online vehicle enquiry service, which is the only other format we accept.

Diesel surcharge

Drivers renewing or buying new permits for diesel vehicles registered before September 2015, will now have to pay a surcharge of between £5 and £50, depending on the duration of the permit.

All permit prices for annual permits

Vehicle registered since March 2001

Charge Band

CO2 emission (g/km)

Permit charge

Band 1

Less than 1


Band 2

1 – 75


Band 3

76 – 165


Band 4

166 – 225


Band 5

226 of more


Vehicle registered before March 2001

Charge Band

Engine size (cc)

Permit charge

Band 6

1600 or less


Band 7

1601 or more


Additional charges

Charge type


One-off administration fee for each a new permit application


Additional charge per diesel vehicle registered before September 2015


Surcharge for second vehicle at the same address


Surcharge for third vehicle at the same address. Note, available for renewals only.