London Borough of Croydon

Traveller communities include Gypsies/Romanies, Irish Travellers, fairground and circus families, housed travellers and New Age Travellers.

Our commitment

  • to assist schools in developing whole school strategies that reflect the identity of all pupils and to extend awareness and appreciation of Traveller culture within the community
  • to support and encourage Traveller families in the education of their children
  • to work with schools in giving Traveller children equal access to the curriculum
  • to work with schools, families and Traveller communities to increase the level of achievement of Traveller children in education and to improve their access, attendance and participation in schools.

Our role

  • to ensure equal access to education for Travellers regardless of how long they will attend school
  • to support schools in developing a curriculum, available to all children, which reflects both Travellers' history and their present situation
  • to support positive relationships between Traveller families and schools
  • to liaise with other agencies to improve the quality of services available to Traveller families
  • to raise school attendance of Traveller pupils in primary and secondary phases by working jointly with the Education Welfare Service
  • to provide intensive support, both in schools and on site, and initial integration support for pupils who demonstrate great need
  • to raise and monitor the level of achievement of Traveller pupils to ensure that they reach their potential.

Additional support offered by Croydon Traveller Education Service (TES)

  • in-service training to encourage good practice for those working with the Traveller community
  • the development of whole school projects that support effective curriculum planning to meet the needs of Traveller children
  • offering access to resources that can be used to facilitate planning.