London Borough of Croydon

Transfer from infant to junior school

If your child is in Year 2 in an infant school during the school year 2017/2018, you will need to apply for a Year 3 place in a junior school for September 2018. There is no automatic transfer from an infant school to a junior school, you must complete an online application which is available at

Listed below are the linked infant and junior schools in Croydon. In the case of all the junior schools listed below, apart from St Mary's RC Junior School, priority consideration for admission within the oversubscription criteria is given to those children who are on the roll of the feeder infant school at the time of application, after the admission of:

  • children with a statement of special educational need that names the school 
  • looked after children and previously looked after children.

Infants schools and the linked Junior school:

Infant School Linked Junior School
Beulah Infants Beulah Junior
Elmwood Infants Elmwood Junior
The Minster Nursery and Infant The Minster Junior
Park Hill Infants Park Hill Juniors
St Joseph's Catholic Infant and Nursery St Joseph's Catholic Junior
St Mary's Catholic Infants St Mary's RC Juniors
Whitehorse Manor Infants and Nursery Whitehorse Manor Juniors
Winterbourne Infants Winterbourne Junior Boys
Winterbourne Infants Winterbourne Junior Girls
Wolsey Infants  Wolsey Juniors

Important Information when completing your online application

Please ensure that you use your child’s legal name and date of birth on your application – as it appears on your child’s birth certificate or passport.

Please also ensure that your child’s current nursery or primary school has the correct details for you child including the most up to date address.

The online form allows you to express up to six preferences for junior schools, including out-of borough schools. Please ensure that you list them in your order of preference.

Some schools also require a Supplementary Information Form (SIF) to be completed and submitted. These forms are available on request from the schools. However, a SIF on its own is not a valid application. You must also submit the online form.

The closing date for the submission of your application is 15 January 2018. You should apply online at

You will receive an email notification with the result of your application during the evening of 16 April 2018. If you have been made an offer of a school place, you must accept or decline it by logging onto your eAdmissions account. Please ensure that you keep your login details safe once you have submitted your application.

Applications for out-of- borough schools will be forwarded to the respective local authority and will be considered in accordance with the relevant admissions criteria (local authority or school).