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In Croydon our local authority pavilions and football facilities fall below the standards we want, with poor quality changing pavilions and average or poor quality pitches. As a result, football in Croydon has declined over the last 10 years, and will continue to do so unless there are changes.

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After Sport England and the Football Association invited local authorities to bid for their new Parklife project in 2016, Croydon submitted a successful initial application for support. Since then we’ve completed a study which has determined that modern football facilities at both Purley Way Playing Fields and Ashburton Playing Fields are feasible and viable.

Parklife is a five-year commitment to build multi-pitch football ‘hubs’ across towns and cities in England to create sustainable community football facilities. It aims to raise playing standards and provide more opportunities for everyone to enjoy the game.

If permission is granted, Croydon could potentially secure £5-6 million from the Premier League, Sport England and the Greater London Authority. The rest of the cost would be funded locally. Pending approval, we estimate that construction will take around a year, and aim to start in summer 2019.  

Get involved – what’s happened so far

Following engagement with football teams, three Croydon leagues and a survey of football teams in 2017, draft proposals were developed. During July to October 2018, we engaged with local residents and resident groups for feedback on these proposals.

We have compiled all the feedback received and reviewed it thoroughly. Where possible and appropriate, we have made changes to the schemes and our approach and will be continuing to develop and refine the proposals over the next few weeks. It is not too late for us to continue to receive feedback, and you can send any follow up queries to 

Response to community engagement

Although we cannot reply to individual pieces of feedback, it’s important we respond to your comments and suggestions. Please download Parklife Croydon: Response to community engagement feedback (Aug – Oct 18), for responses to your feedback in a number of areas.

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