On 23 October 2020 Croydon Council's external auditors published a Report in the Public Interest. The report sets out serious concerns about the council's financial situation, its financial decision-making and governance and makes 20 recommendations, 8 of which are considered high priority.

Download and read the report in full (PDF, 747KB).

The council’s response to the report

The council accepted the findings of the report and has set out a comprehensive action plan for how it will address the findings of the report.

We are taking urgent action to tackle our financial challenges, including:

  • Delivering a £42m package of savings in the 2021/22 financial year
  • The Croydon Renewal Plan, which includes:
    • formally seeking a Government loan to balance our 2021/22 budget, enabling the council’s move to a sustainable budget over the following two years
    • a review of the capital programme
    • an independent review of the council’s group of companies and entities

A Quarterly update of our progress in delivering the recommendations from the Report in the Public Interest is made to the Council’s General Purposes and Audit Committee, Scrutiny and Overview Committee and Cabinet.

The latest (Quarter 2) report is available to download and read (PDF, 30MB).