Housing scrutiny and mystery shopping

Housing scrutiny panel

This panel consists of a small group of volunteer residents who meet regularly to look at housing services in detail. 

The role of the scrutiny panel is to:

  • Prioritise and oversee tenant led scrutiny activities
  • Collect evidence to enable housing services to be scrutinised
  • Examine the evidence, make recommendations for service improvements
  • Report recommendations to senior management or councillors
  • Monitor and review agreed action plans
  • Tell other tenants what the panel is doing and encourage them to get involved

Housing services inspectors

Housing inspectors are a small team of Croydon residents who work in partnership with the housing scrutiny panel. The inspectors meet with the scrutiny panel and officers, to plan and prepare for their inspection work, which might involve interviewing staff and residents, looking at service procedures or shadowing staff. The inspectors’ findings are then included as part of the final scrutiny report.

Mystery shoppers

Mystery shopping is a way of testing services and assessing them from a customer's point of view. Our mystery shoppers carry out a series of pre-agreed tasks such as telephone calls or reception visits. They then report their findings so we can learn from their experiences and make improvements to our services as recommended.

Mystery shopping is often carried out to assist the scrutiny panel ‘s investigations. Previous shops have included service areas such as anti-social behaviour, the repairs service and advice on changes to welfare benefits and the housing team in the Council’s contact centre. 

Becoming a panel member, inspector or mystery shopper

This is detailed work and residents are given lots of training to equip them with the skills needed. If you are interested in being involved in the scrutiny process please look at the additional information provided at the bottom of the page or contact  the resident involvement team. Please note, these are voluntary roles and you would not be paid, however, expenses incurred in carrying out the role would be reimbursed.

Resident involvement team


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