What do neighbourhood caretakers do?

Neighbourhood caretakers clean internal communal areas to blocks of flats. Their responsibilities will depend on what kind of flat you live in.

Most of the high rise blocks (classified as level 1) get some services daily - for example the lifts and lobbies are swept and washed every day. Other blocks (classified as level 2) will get most services weekly and some monthly - for example the stairs will be swept and washed each week.

How do I know when my block will be cleaned?

Take a look at the cleaning schedule at the bottom of this page, blocks are listed in alphabetical order. The cleaning schedules are split into two types:

  • Level 1 - these are high rise blocks that have a lift
  • Level 2 - these are the lower level blocks that have no lifts

Cleaning schedules will also be visible in the communal entrance area of each block.

How do I know when the area I live in is going to be litter picked and swept?

Veolia are the contractor who cleans all external areas. They litter pick and sweep hard standing areas, play areas, garage areas and parking areas. They also litter pick the grass areas and shrub areas.

The cleaning schedules are listed below:

  • Level 1 – these areas are litter picked 7 days a week and swept once a week.
  • Level 2 – these areas are litter picked 5 days a week and swept once a week.
  • Level 3 – these areas are litter picked twice a week and swept once a week.

Neighbourhood Voice - Tell us what you think of the caretaking service

Do you want to feedback to the council about the neighbourhood services you receive in your area?

If you live in a council owned block or estate and are interested in getting involved visit the Neighbourhood Voice pages.


Litter picking and sweeping schedule- Block levels (XLS, 105.0KB)

level 2 housing blocks - cleaning schedule (XLS, 126.0KB)

level 1housing blocks - cleaning schedule (XLS, 37.0KB)