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Gas servicing team council homes

We ensure that council-owned domestic gas appliances are serviced regularly and checked annually to maintain safe operation and efficiency. This is our legal responsibility. Please note that unserviced appliances may burn inefficiently, producing dangerous carbon monoxide.

If we are unable to gain access to the property, we will leave a response card and the tenant can arrange an appointment by phoning the gas safety team (details below).

Gaining access to your property

The gas servicing team follows set procedures to gain access. This involves:

  • informing the tenant by letter of the inspection
  • leaving a response card requesting the tenant to call the gas safety team to arrange an appointment
  • making a forced entry (in certain cases)

In forced entry situations, the contractor and enforcement officer will be present to ensure that the work is done, the tenant's possessions are protected and the property is made safe afterwards.

How you will know if work is to be done on your home

If you want to know if your property is on a programme for any planned major works, use the online form.

Occasionally we use specialist consultants, in which case the consultant will contact you about the work.

If you are a council tenant and think the servicing for your gas appliance is overdue contact the gas safety team.

If you are not a council tenant you should still have your gas appliances serviced regularly.

Gas safety

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