London Borough of Croydon

Contact the Tenancy team online

Use the housing tenancy contact form for all enquiries relating to:

  • tenancy amendments
  • anti-social behaviour
  • death
  • end of tenancy
  • fence or boundary issues
  • fire/flood
  • rescheduling on new tenancy appointment
  • notices/evictions
  • trees issues
  • mediation service
  • and other enquiries


We are only making emergency repairs due to the coronavirus (COVID-19).

If you wish to report a housing repair, please use the housing repair form

  • Tenancy contact form is available to both Croydon residents as well as those living outside of Croydon wishing to contact the Tenancy team with an enquiry.
  • You need to login or register with My Account to use the form.

Did you know you will get a quicker response online as your enquiry will be passed onto the next available officer?

Tenancy officers deal with enquiries relating to council homes and their residents. Below are the issues they can provide assistance with:

  • Changes to your tenancy e.g. succession assignment, name change, relationship breakdown, joint to sole.
  • Ending tenancies - e.g. death of tenant succession, unauthorised occupiers, notice to terminate, residential care.
  • Fire or flood in your property.
  • Domestic violence & other types of violence outside the home (signposting role).
  • Estate inspections.
  • Anti-social behaviour prevention & diversion.
  • Racial harassment & hate crimes.
  • Fraud (unauthorised occupants / occupancy checks).
  • Environmental issues.
  • Support vulnerable adults.

Tenancy officer cannot provide assistance with the following:

The quickest and easiest way to contact your tenancy officer is via our tenancy enquiry form. Your enquiry will be sent direct to your tenancy officer who will contact you as soon as possible.


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