London Borough of Croydon

Annual report of the director of public health 2016

What is public health in Croydon

The role of the public health team is to involve everyone in improving the health and wellbeing, reducing inequalities and increasing life expectancy of all people in Croydon.  As part of the implementation of the Health and Social Care Act 2012, most public health functions moved from the NHS to local government on 1 April 2013.

NEW - Annual report of the director of public health 2017

This report presents the population changes and challenges in Croydon over the next 10-15 year period. It highlights changes to the population in:
Croydon overall

  • key geographical localities of Croydon, and
  • key population sub-groups
  • The report raises the issue of differences in the various population

data sources and stresses the importance of understanding these differences, particularly in choosing appropriately for service
planning and resource allocation. Read the full public health report here

What has Croydon Public Health already done to improve health and wellbeing in Croydon?

Some of our key achievements in the last five years:

  • increased breast feeding rates
  • reduced smoking rates
  • reduced teenage pregnancy
  • improved sexual health services
  • improved cancer screening
  • increased immunisation uptake.

Read our Annual Public Health Report 2017

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